Litherland explores our relationship to the natural world through an engagement with the materials and processes involved in painting, including the collaborative production of hand-woven linen canvas.

I had my eyes on the Stars, and didn’t watch the mud I walked in.
— The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula Le Guin

Within the Surface / Field Paintings is an interdisciplinary, collaborative research project led by artist Geoff Diego Litherland. The project will seek to create an original body of work (paintings) where the artist, in collaboration with others, makes all the materials necessary for the work from the his own locality (Wirksworth, Derbyshire, UK). The most time-consuming process will be the creation of the linen fabric, which includes: preparing the land; nurturing and harvesting the flax crop; spinning the yarn; to weaving and finishing the fabric. In collaboration with weave designer and researcher Angharad McLaren, we will explore how locality of fibre, and the weaving process itself, through structure, pattern and form, can bridge the contextual space between the process of making the thread, and the narratives of inter-connectivity between man, nature and the cosmos inherent in Litherland’s work. Context and narrative will be woven within the surface; these linen fabrics will create new opportunities to explore the relationship between locality, process, labour and the painted image.